Travel Miles and Credit Card Points for Beginners

As 2015 approaches, this is the perfect time to start planning out your travel itinerary, including making it your first priority to leverage travel miles and credit card points to support your vacation addiction. The savviest travelers ensure that the money they spend on a daily basis rewards them through free flights and hotel stays around the world, but that only comes with detailed research and organization. 

As a blogger, I feel that it's my job to bring you the most valuable insights regarding travel and tips for planning like a Type A crazy person - but sometimes someone else just does it better than I ever could, so let me introduce you to my new favorite blogging couple for all things travel miles and credit card points. Husband and wife bloggers from Travel Is Free & Freakin Flyers provide you with all the juicy secrets for accumulating and leveraging points and miles, with real world experience to back up their claims. Believe me, if I thought I could write better content I would, but their info is just the best I've read and I trust their expertise.

Here's links to my favorite articles:

They also create some pretty informative infographics for the visual learners out there (below). So be sure to check them out and do your research so that you can have a rewarding 2015 travel year!

Travelisfree Infographic
An Introduction to Airline Alliances – An infographic by Drew and Caroline at Travel is Free