How to Travel to Europe for Free - An Amazing Intro into Travel Points & Credit Cards

The world of travel credit cards and points is complicated, confusing, overwhelming and completely worth it. I get asked a lot of questions about how I utilize membership points, but what most people don't understand is that it takes a ton of time and effort and more than five minutes to explain. My husband and I traveled for years without ever utilizing a single travel credit card and it wasn't until a few years ago that we realized how utterly insane that was and jumped on the travel credit card bandwagon. In the last three years, we've accumulated nearly 1 million membership points and haven't paid for a flight since. Now we don't exactly trace for free mainly because we enjoy high end places that often cost more than points, but the discounts, perks and free flights have truly changed our travel life. 

My very good friend and travel point guru, Nate Ritter, recently put together a completely free online course for newbies who want to travel for free, but don't know how called How to Get to Europe and Stay For Free. A couple years ago as I was starting to get into travel credit cards, Nate and I sat down at his kitchen table and shared our secrets on how to efficiently utilize credit cards to maximize travel. His course literally takes you through all the points we discussed that day and helps beginners navigate themselves to free flights and hotel stays as simply and straight forward as possible.  I follow all of his tips to this day and have taught many people his methods.  

While you do need to sign up for an account to access the course, it's free and easy to do and you won't get bombarded with spam emails - it's literally just to track who is accessing the site.    Also keep in mind that this is just the beginning of what it means to use travel points for free travel, but it is exactly what beginners need to get started without being overwhelmed with too much advanced details.  I'm looking forward to Nate's next course that will take those skills to the next level. Good luck and happy travels!


Travel Miles and Credit Card Points for Beginners

As 2015 approaches, this is the perfect time to start planning out your travel itinerary, including making it your first priority to leverage travel miles and credit card points to support your vacation addiction. The savviest travelers ensure that the money they spend on a daily basis rewards them through free flights and hotel stays around the world, but that only comes with detailed research and organization. 

As a blogger, I feel that it's my job to bring you the most valuable insights regarding travel and tips for planning like a Type A crazy person - but sometimes someone else just does it better than I ever could, so let me introduce you to my new favorite blogging couple for all things travel miles and credit card points. Husband and wife bloggers from Travel Is Free & Freakin Flyers provide you with all the juicy secrets for accumulating and leveraging points and miles, with real world experience to back up their claims. Believe me, if I thought I could write better content I would, but their info is just the best I've read and I trust their expertise.

Here's links to my favorite articles:

They also create some pretty informative infographics for the visual learners out there (below). So be sure to check them out and do your research so that you can have a rewarding 2015 travel year!

Travelisfree Infographic
An Introduction to Airline Alliances – An infographic by Drew and Caroline at Travel is Free